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Unstoppable Trains and Planes

Such as a train 

It goes 

Not stopping 

Not dropping 

Just moving.  

Such as a plane  

Just going  

Just flowing 

higher and higher  

never falling. 

That is what life is such as 

 Never stopping for anyone. 

Inspiration hits you at the exact moment it is needed, it waits, to make a grand and sweeping entrance just like a miracle. 

Always Ask. 

The most important people in our government, they effect our daily lives tremendously, and yet we ignore their importance. 

The most important people in our government, they effect our daily lives tremendously, and yet we ignore their importance. 

Little Ugly Diamonds

Its time to embrace life. Opportunities may not appear as they seem, but they are what they are opportunities nonetheless. So I am going to scoop them up and run with them. Turn them into little diamonds and prosper from them. 

The Supremes at Martin Luther King’s funeral

The Supremes at Martin Luther King’s funeral

(via iloveretro)

Sometimes songs just have this power to make you so happy. This is one of those songs. 

I wish this song had been released…

Wake Up from the Haze

Its been to long. In the 1960’s the youth of that time started the civil rights movement, teenagers all around the country played an important role, they were young, spirited and passionate. In the 1970’s the youth rose up against comforty and told the world we are bad asses and we will not follow your path but our own. In the 1980’s the style of the day took over we as youth were strong and were our own person. 1990’s we started dialing down our rage, but we still knew how to fight for what was right, we were inventive and creative. So now we are in the 2000’s, but we have done nothing. We are docile in the face of a world that is crumbling around us.  

America was attacked, we went to war, sexism is raging, countries are killing there people, we are being poisoned by our food, people are starving, people are dying, and worst of all our youth is doing nothing.  

I always thought i needed a cause to start trouble, but it took me till now to realize I have more then enough to choice from. What happened to fighting for what was right, for doing something noble, for being courageous in the face of total evil. Lets not start with the problem but the problem solvers, where are they? Why arnt they calling out?  

So this is what I have to say to my generation . Stop thinking these problems will be solved by someone else, they won’t. We know our government is corrupt and our country is in serious need of help. Its just as black and white as it was years ago. Lets start a movement to save ourselves from our own destruction. To offer inspiration to those who will come after us.  

We are the solution to the problems of today.